Who is ‘The Crazy Colombian’?

Introducing ‘The Crazy Colombian’

Hello; I am Diego, The Crazy Colombian, and I write ‘Reflections of a Crazy Colombian’ (ROACC for short), a brain gym for intellectually curious people. If you like learning about new technologies , alternative cultural choices, or simply enjoy challenging your current views, you have come to the right place. If

this is your first time here, you may want to visit our ‘Best of’ page (link), or head over to the Archives (link).

Read ‘Reflections of a Crazy Colombian’ and give your brain a workout!

ROACC covers a wide range of topics, from philosophy to poetry; from the Environment to Personal Development. We regularly review books that offer challenging and alternative thoughts; assess YouTube videos that, when looked from a different angle, teach us a new and valuable lesson; and make editorial commentary on provoking posts by other publishers (both on the internet and in traditional media)

The ‘Crazy Colombian’ : An explorer of life, the universe, and everything else

You may be wondering what kind of experiences are shaping the reflections on this web site, so I am going to share some of my background with you.

I am a generalist, in the broadest interpretation of the word. I have tried many sports including soccer, squash, tennis, golf, swimming, bicycle riding, basketball, volleyball, water-ski, hockey, badminton, and many more I can’t remember. I have written fiction, poetry, magazine articles, and short stories.I have worked in a variety of roles, including Sales, IT, Marketing, and Strategy Consulting.

With a Bachelor of Engineering from one of Colombia’s most prestigious Universities; and an MBA from Asutralia’s top Graduate School of Management (AGSM), I have a deep connection to academia. Balance that with work experience across Asia, Latin America , Europe and Oceania, and you will start appreciating the diversity of perspectives to which I have been exposed.

I love going head-to-head with commonly held views, and looking for meaning behind the obvious. The wide range of experiences I’ve had often puts me in the right position to make connections that are unusual and not obvious to many people. I consider myself an explorer of life, the universe, and everything else; and go through life as if it was an exploration, a journey into the unkown.

Want to know more about me?

On my spare time I enjoy reading fiction, non-fiction, serious literature, and popular thrillers. And I like to reflect on life. Engage on serious and silly discussions. Savour life.
(yes, that is savour with an ‘ou’ instead of an ‘o’, as in “I-live-in-Australia-and-use-the-English-style-of-spelling”). Of course, these activities come second to me spending some quality time with my wife and my 2 young sons.

Below are some additional ‘Vital Stats’ in case you want to know that
little extra about myself:

Born: 1969
Place of Birth: Bogota, Colombia
Current Residence:
Sydney, Australia


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  1. I want to thank you for your kind comments.

    Muchas gracias hermano,


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