A poem inspired by a Peaceful Warrior master

Image: Svaneti by Paata

In case you missed it, last week I wrote a post on the 2-hour talk that Dan Millman gave at the Sydney Masonic Center on Tuesday, the 1st of April (link). Today, I’d like to share a poem I wrote while inspired by his talk. It is called ‘Reflections of a Peaceful Warrior’, and it goes like this:

Two hours
with my spiritual master;
Two hours
of wisdom,
of Universal Laws,
of jokes and quotes.

Two peaceful hours
with a wise warrior;
Two inspiring hours
with a foolish warrior.

A story of humility:
“I am inspired by you”,
said a student to his teacher.
“Don’t worry,” the teacher said,
“that too will pass”.

Humility with humanity;
Wisdom with laughter.
These were the hallmarks
that his teacher Socrates
once etched on him.
They’re now the hallmarks
he etches in us all.

Thank you,
my peaceful warrior,
for sharing your wisdom
with us today.

Thank you,
our peaceful warrior,
for laying your heart
open for us all to see,
to hear,
to touch and to feel.

Thank you,
Oh, peaceful warrior,
for making the mistakes that
took you here today.

Thank you,
my spiritual guide,
for being my friend
today again.

If you liked it, you may want to listen to me recite it on the link below.

Poem Recital: Reflections of a Peaceful Warrior (mp3 file)


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