Crazy retro-back: Do you have trouble devoting regular time to exercise?

Today I realised that in October last year I wrote a post to my Facebook blog, but did not put it in here! Below you will find a ‘blast from the past’ that can help you establish a regular exercise routine (which, as you can see from my previous post, works rather well!). I hope you find this post useful.

– The crazy Colombian 

Image by LollyKnit

There is only one way for the odometer to go: higher. Parts get worn out, and joints need some lubrication. No, I am not talking about cars; I am talking about our bodies. As our lives get busier, and we find less time for fun and games throughout the day, exercise is often one of the first casualties. Are you one of the fortunate ones who has managed to build exercise regularly into your life? Well done, mate. You’re ahead than the rest of us.You’re not? Then read on.

From maintaining a healthy Body-Mass-Index (BMI) to increasing your energy levels, regular exercise has many benefits. If you want to learn more about them, just Google “fitness benefits” and you’ll find a universe of relevant information.

The problem is how to do it. You have sure tried it many times, and like me, find yourself drifting back into the more comfortable life that features no regular trips to the Gym.

In my case, I found something that really works. It is John Walker’s “The Hacker’s Diet” chapter on exercise has given me what I need. It is an exercise routine that

  • Takes 15 minutes to do
  • Will adapt as your fitness levels change
  • Helps you move gently up the fitness scale
  • Requires no equipment ( and therefore is totally portable!)If this sounds interesting enough, I recommend you read the e-book (link), or at least the chapter on the Exercise Ladder (link). It may change your life.Good luck!
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