Wise advise from Jack LaLanne: Stop being so tired

Do you always feel tired? This is rather easy to fix. As Jack Lalanne suggests on the video below, all you need to do is:

  1.  Exercise regularly
  2. Eat a balanced diet
  3. Relax


If it is so easy, and given the knowledge has been around for a very long time, why do we have a society full of exhausted people?

Maybe in our quest for ‘quick fixes’ and ‘how to’ esoteric techniques, we have forgotten that it often is about coming back to basics. And to put it into practice does not take a lot of time, energy or money. Here are some ideas on how you can start to improve your energy levels:

1. Exercise regularly

All it takes is 15 minutes. I kid you not. Use the ‘Exercise Ladder’ from  John Walker’s “The Hacker’s Diet” to build an exercise routine into your day that is DESIGNED not to take more than 15 minutes.

Still too much time?

Then how about following Dan Millman’s “The Peaceful Warrior workout“, which can be completed in as little as 4 minutes per day? If buying the DVD is too much money for you, get Dan’s book Everyday Enlightenment in which he describes the exercise routine.

2. Eat a balanced diet

We all love our hamburgers, our french fries, our milkshakes. Right? Well, how about saying ‘No’ to your wants at least once a day, and choosing a healthy alternative instead?

3. Relax

Again, you can take as little time as 10 minutes and do a relaxation exercise. You can do a Google search for the word meditation, and will find hundreds of ‘how to’ guides to this relaxing practice. Incorporate it into your day for 10 mins, and you will  feel a noticeable difference in your stress and energy levels.

Want something more esoteric? I suggest you head over to Schwartz & Loehr’s web site Performance Programs, or to Matt Church’s own web site where he discussed the 5 lifestyle keys and our own chemistry.

But it really is far simpler than that, as Jack Lalanne said in his video.


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