Christmas Gift – need ideas?

No, I am not going to refer you to the page where I have made a list of gifts I want this Christmas. Instead, I am going to ask you a very simple question: What do you plan to give your loved ones this Christmas?

You may want to consider giving them a gift that makes the world a better place. You can search the net for the charity that better suits your needs, desires and aspirations; but I really like the Worldvision ‘smiles’ program. Just go to their web site and choose from the many gifts where you can give a donation for someone in need, and a card will be sent to the person of your choice informing them this donation was made on their name.

Add to that a “Pass It Forward” card, and you have a killer combo. Not only will you have made a difference for a poor kid or comunity in a third world country; you will also have  suggested to someone with resources to do the same.

What a great way to celebrate ths Christmas: Give ‘the gift that keeps on giving’!!


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