Zen poetry: Samsara

Six months
of Change
Six Months
of Suffering
Six Months
of Love
Six months
of happiness
The nature of Samsara:
to realise through daily life
of the emptiness of ‘I’.
To live in all its glory
the teachings of enlightened ones
That nothing lasts,
All changes,
and we just are
ripples on a pond;
ripples that forgot
that we are all just water;
ripples that forgot
that we are all the same.
Just water in an infinite pond,
all the same; united every day.
Feeling the effects
of other pebbles
in other lives.
Not quite getting
how inconsequential they all are.

The nature of Samsara.
The teachings of enlightened ones.
Knowing that the only thing that matters
Is love,


3 responses to “Zen poetry: Samsara

  1. Both funny and epic. A masterpiece of Zen, and if I may add particularly appropriate in black.

  2. Is this yours Diego? very nice. I particularly like the image of us all being ripples on a pond. The idea of self being a ripple of consciousness seems very apt.

  3. Yes, it is mine. I am happy you enjoyed it, whomever you may be šŸ™‚

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