Dreams or wants?

What’s in a dream? For the last several weeks, I have been keeping a diary of my dreams, and there’s some weird stuff on them. But the entries for the last 2 days were amazingly revealing. Night before last, I had a nightmare; It was like I was in the middle of a horror story (think 28 days later, but with me starring on it), and I woke up truly down. It took me half a day to get out of that mood. Then last night, I had a wonderful dream – where I was visiting friends from childhood; succeeding at connecting with people both in my personal life and my professional life; and having a genuinely good time. My mood after I woke up was happy and light, and lasted all day.

The funny thing is that in our every day life, we often confuse our ‘dreams’ with our ‘wants’. We say the house we’d like to have as our “dream house”; The job we want next as our “dream job”; and the holiday we’re planning for as our “dream holiday”. But these are simply wants. What do we truly desire? It’s not a house, a particular holiday, not even a very good or exceptionally well paid job. Our deepest desires are often far more meaningful and simpler than any of our wants.

What do you desire? Have you decided what your dreams are made of? If not, maybe it is time you start keeping a dream’s journal; you might be surprised by what you find there.


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