How to become an early riser?

A blog article suggests that going to bed only when you feel sleepy and getting up with an alarm clock at a fixed time every dayd of the week is the key. I am yet to get this method to work, but the theory stacks up. I managed to wake up consistently at 5:30 AM for about a month using this method, but have fallen into irregular sleep patterns as of late.

And the element that is implicit but not discussed on the article is motivation. I have found that it is far easier for me to apply such techniques successfully *only* when I have a true desire to make the most of my waking hours; and to have some time for myself.

A routine of meditation, light exercise, a bit of reflection and some writing (whether it is poetry or blog entries) seems to be a great way to start my day. I am working on establishing this routine as a consistent part of my life for the long term. Maybe you could too.


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