"Everything dies and changes, even radiators"

The above is a quote from “The Way of the peaceful warrior”, an insightful tale of self-discovery by Dan Millman. Taken at face value, it makes you reflect on the constant change that represent our lives. ince everything dies and changes, nothing that makes us happy (or sad) will be there forever.

The person that looks at the world through rose colour glasses will know that nothing that makes her sad will last forever, and continuously looks for a reason to change her state of mind into a happier one.

And the person that looks at the world through dark coloured glasses will focus on the fact that nothing that may be making him happy will last forever, creating a state of anxiety in anticipation of the moment when his current happiness will dissappear.

We all alternate the colour of our glasses with some frequency; the important question is how much of a choice do we have in which glasses we wear today?


One response to “"Everything dies and changes, even radiators"

  1. This reminds me of the quote
    “This too shall pass” attributed to various people including King Soloman who asked his ministers for something to make him feel better when sad and sadder when happy.

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