Are you a knowledge junkie?

Are you a knowledge junkie? Take this quizz and find out!!

1. How many ‘self-help’ books do you have in your bookshelf?
a) None
b) 1-3
c) 4-10
d) more than 10

2. How many ‘self-help’ books have you actually read?
a) None
b) One
c) Less than Five
d) More than Five

3. How many Seminars (non-work related) have you paid to attend in the last 5 years?
a) None
b) One
c) Two
d) Too Many

4. How much was the largest amount of money you’ve paid for those seminars?
a) $0
b) $200
c) $1,000
d) Too much to name

5. If you were to describe yourself, which of these statements would most closely describe you?
a) I love connecting with people and finding out about our world by interacting with others
b) I love becoming a better me, and use a combination of books,
conversations over a cup of coffee, and seminars to help me grow
c) I love learning new concepts, and spend a significant amount of my time reading
Blogs, magazines, listening to educational programs and watching documentaries
d) My name is ______, I am ___ years old, and I have a problem: I am a knowledge junkie

Give yourself points for each answer:
1 point for every time you answered (a)
3 points for every time you answere (b)
6 points for every time you answered (c)
10 points for every time you answered (d)

9 or less: You are not a knowledge junkie.

You have realised that knowledge is one-dimensional (the comprehension of ideas), whilst realisation is much more interesting and real (it is 3-dimensional, and encompasses the simultaneous comprehension of the head, the heart, and the physical world)

10 to 20 : You are a ‘balanced learner’

You are one of those rare individuals that has managed to achive the right balance between growing the ‘know-how’ and experiencing it in your life so that you can truly grow as a person. Remember that our lifes are not like scales, where Balance can be achieved and maintained easily; Our changing environment will continue to throw pebbles into your plate, and throw you off-balance. Keep up the good work you’ve done so far in achieving a balanced perspective

21 or more: You are a knowledge junkie

Join a society. Admit you have a problem. Start living.

‘Nuff said.


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