Good vs Evil

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Good vs evil

A few days ago I came across a stimulating essay on the battle between Absolute good and Absolute evil that is a constant theme in Walt Disney’s cartoons (link); and the implicit assumptions we are teaching our children by encouraging them to watch these movies.

Whilst I agreed wholeheartedly with the analysis, I disliked the implicit conclusion that we are better off stopping our children from watching these movies.

This reminded me of a simple reflection that I decided to share in here:

Things are not intrinsically Good or Bad – they just are. What is important is how we let those things impact us; what we choose to do about them (or with them); and what impact we then have on others. It is the latter that has the potential to be Good or Bad.

Can you think which other words could you put in place of the word Things, and get this phrase to make even more sense?

Let’s hear them…


One response to “Good vs Evil

  1. Toro Villaveces

    Hi Diego, this is Xime…
    I like your reflection. I would choose the word Action or People instead of things…

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